Friday, February 19, 2010

Are You Supposed To Be Dry Before You Start Your Period Could I Have Conceived Finally? Please Answer?

Could i have conceived finally? please answer? - are you supposed to be dry before you start your period

Well heres the story I was on the Depo shot for 4 years and is about 1 months, my shot was by 5 August, 10, I'm not regular with my shot, I'm bored him that technically, I do not have a shot for 4 months that I usually just after I lost my time I've shot it happened that way, should areound 10 . August or shortly thereafter and was not called to my husband and I try a baby after a while. Now there are 4 days, we had sex and he cried out in me, and I never tell you went and the last two days I Fely nausea and my gums to swell and I had lesions on the gums I'm only with him if this is not a disease, and also the day he had had sex, milky white discharge is thick and almost an infection that hospitalizedT Friday and the test was negative, a day after his stay here *** I tested and was negative. Well, tonight we had sex and I was very dry, not wet, and is also a little unclear what that means, it can not be conceived? I think it feel funny when two people are just beginning to get pregnant? And before my husband knew this and knew a little blood, but I cleaned something and nothing? What does this mean? Sorry, I know, TMI


DevonCha... said...

You can not say yet. Seriously, it is to be patient and wait. You can not do, you are pregnant. Ask all the time, and when I use the same advice:

Going to the doctor. You can help, a moment of conception. You will not be able to say a few weeks after conception anyway. Buy a calendar. During the processing of your time. They tested 2 weeks after your period every month. Do take this day to the test and continue with their program. If you take a test every day, go into bankruptcy and madness.

Maybe you need more education on pregnancy. The injection of Depo can I do for a year. You really need to ask your doctor. Seriously.

Aicha said...

Ure always the same question, and sorry to say ur question is a bit awkward and not useful. receive, read a book on conception and pregnancy. I saw at least 4 edition of the URS and they're all the same. Please read say the answers that other people who u. .. OMG ... and act in many of TMI, and pls be matured if u want to be her mother.

[C] Never Gives Up. said...

receive the same questions every day.
You will not be able to test 1 days after sex.
and since she left her menstruation, birth control would be a little irregular for a while.
I was on birth control for 9 months when I left, she took 1 year and a half for my periods have regularly.

Pass a test and wait. or go to the doc for a blood test. This will answer all your questions.

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